Network Security Analytics

Powered by AI.

Detect Everything.

Automate Investigations.

Reduce Dwell Time.

Evolve Security Talent.

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Your ExtraHop Arsenal

Total Visibility

With real-time stream processing you have instant, dynamic visibility into your applications, datastores, and users. ExtraHop gives you eyes on every interaction on your network so you'll know exactly what "good" looks like in your unique environment.

AI-Powered Detection

ExtraHop automatically discovers and maps every asset in your environment by observing all network communications. With this complete, real-time map, security programs can prioritize your most critical assets and commit valuable human expertise to investigating those first.

Automated Investigation

ExtraHop uses AI-powered anomaly detection to discover abnormal behavior patterns and prioritize which anomalies or threats warrant human investigation. Automating the detection and prioritization of true threats means human analysts can focus on what matters.

AI for Cyber Security

Not all machine learning is created equal. Only with the right data source can it truly be successful, and for Security Analytics, the best and only qualified data source is the network itself. Wire data is the most granular, comprehensive source of visibility for security programs—and the only way you'll stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated threats.

Addy is your Ally

Detect. Prioritize. Go Hunting.

Eliminate alert fatigue and expand the SOC team's capabilities with machine-assisted detection and prioritization.

  • Automatically detect anomalous events, identify risky behavior, and spot suspicious activity, even without flagged events or signatures.
  • Conduct analytics and even forensics on threats before the damage is done, to reduce dwell time of threats in the network and minimize the risk of serious damage.
  • Gain rich context and forensic detail around all anomalous behavior, to simplify the prioritization of critical assets.

Meet ExtraHop Addy: AI for the Wire

With Addy, we have the data we need to take decisive action... It truly allows us to cut through the noise to focus on what's critical.

Corporate Infrastructure Manager
Large E-Commerce Company

Integrate. Orchestrate. Automate. Win.

All successful security programs rely on integration. A suite of tools that works together seamlessly is the only way to win. ExtraHop integrates with SIEMS and other security platforms right out of the box, so that every security platform can benefit from comprehensive, real-time wire data insights.

  • Detect anomalous behavior and suspicious traffic patterns with no manual configuration
  • Automate intelligent firewall and Network Access Control (NAC) actions with a REST API
  • Scan, discover, and map all assets on your network, including IoT devices

ExtraHop Gives You Power in Security

Featured Integrations

Complement ArcSight's rich compliance reporting with ExtraHop's comprehensive network forensic capabilities.

Automatically correlate analytics from ExtraHop with Phantom's security orchestration for real-time threat response.

Integrate CloudWatch and VPN NetFlow data into your ExtraHop wire data for complete visibility across your hybrid enterprise.

Strengthen your Splunk security posture with ExtraHop's passive enterprise monitoring and real-time visibility.

Network Security Analytics in Action


For EHR provider Practice Fusion, ensuring the security of their application and the data it contains is critical. Senior Network Engineer Alan Shortz and his team use ExtraHop to track the use of industry standard protocols and cipher suites across devices as well as integration partners to ensure they are maintaining the highest security standards. The team also uses the ExtraHop platform's network traffic analysis to identify security incidents like Shellshock in their environment before they can turn into costly breaches.





Countdown to Security

Not only does ExtraHop allow us to see and alert on [suspicious] activity as it happens, we have the data we need to drill down to the source, get the answer, and protect our assets.

Mike Sheward
Principal Security Architect

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