Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Forrester TEI Study shows 84% faster time to respond to threats and 165% ROI

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We had SIEM, but there were always holes in that information. We added EDR, and there were still certain bits of information missing. We didn't get the full picture until investing in ExtraHop Reveal(x).

Global Infrastructure, Financial Services

ExtraHop customer interviews conducted by Forrester Consulting and their subsequent financial analysis found that a composite organization experiences ExtraHop Reveal(x) benefits of over $1.1 million over three years and helped bolster customer security environments, potentially preventing security breaches worth hundreds of millions of dollars in fines, recovery costs, damage to the brand, and customer goodwill. Other highlights include:

  • Decreased time to respond from 9 hours to 1.75
  • Decommissioning of preexisting security solutions saved up to $700,000/year
  • Decreased time to investigate unplanned outages by 92%
  • Decreased time to troubleshoot applications from 40 hours to a matter of minutes
  • Improved application uptime resulting in increases to both revenue and employee productivity