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Professional Services


Deploy your ExtraHop investment with confidence

Simplifying the process of deploying your appliances

ExtraHop’s deployment service is designed to simplify the process of deploying your appliances, whether they are virtual or physical.

The goal of this professional services-led engagement is to ensure that customer’s devices are set up, receiving and processing inbound data, and ready for operational and management handoff.
  • Project kick-off
  • Appliance installation
  • Initial configuration
  • Data feed validation
  • Project acceptance

Reduce complexity, cost, and opportunity for issues

Reduce Deployment Complexity and Risk

Minimize friction and complexity in deployment with dedicated ExtraHop support

To minimize friction and complexity in deployment, ExtraHop provides the customer with a dedicated ExtraHop SME (Solutions Architect) who will guide them through the technical deployment process. The Solutions Architect will offer expert advice and best practices on device placement, packet acquisition, network visibility, and data visualization to ensure the device is operationally ready. ExtraHop’s Solutions Architect will work collaboratively with the customer to decrease the amount of time to value for the deployed solution.

Optimized from the Start

Expert-led engagement dramatically reduce time-to-value

The ExtraHop Deployment Service is intended to dramatically reduce time-to-value and complexity for the ExtraHop Discover appliance (EDA), as part of an expert-led engagement. ExtraHop will provide best practices guidance to initially deploy and configure the appliance(s) (physically or virtually), set up users and permissions, enable decryption (if applicable), and establish a healthy data feed.


3 Critical components of deployment delivered

Architectural Design

ExtraHop will provide customer team guidance and best practices for architectural design, virtual resource requirements (if applicable) and packet acquisition.

Initial Configuration

ExtraHop will work with the customer team to ensure optimal deployment - with configuration and management best-practices applied to reduce risk and set-up time.

Data Feed Validation

ExtraHop Solutions Architect will conduct a data feed review in order to confirm data fidelity, review data feed health, and confirm visibility goals have been achieved based on the customer’s critical assets.

Expertly delivered outcomes

Fully Deployed ExtraHop Platform

Expect all appliances to be installed, configured with up-to-date software, reachable via IP, paired, configured for the customer’s environment, and operationally ready

Validated Data Feed

Expect an established, validated, and clean data feed to the ExtraHop platform for analysis.

Configured User Access

Expect configured remote authentication and guidance to set up individual user accounts and/or role-based access.

For more information contact your ExtraHop representative

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