Integrate with Splunk to Detect Unknown Threats and Accelerate Response.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 delivers machine-learning driven network threat detections and behavioral insights to Splunk. Correlate network insights with SIEM to get complete security visibility and 84% faster breach response.

SOC Triad

Why Integrate ExtraHop Reveal(x) NDR with Splunk Enterprise Security?


Advanced threats know how to erase logs and avoid endpoint agents to evade detection. Attackers hide in unmonitored traffic, unmanaged devices, and encrypted data. They sneak in through supply chain compromises, expand access, escalate privileges, and ultimately exfiltrate data, causing immeasurable damage.


By integrating ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 network detection and response (NDR) with Splunk security information and event management (SIEM), you gain greater detection capabilities against unknown threats that are using advanced evasion techniques. Reveal(x) discovers and identifies every device and decrypts traffic to provide instant access to correlated forensic data. It works seamlessly with your security orchestration, automation, and response tool to automate actions.


Correlate Detections & Forensics

Get Reveal(x) 360 network threat detections in your Splunk console for seamless investigation. Correlate logs and packets for instant forensics.


Achieve greater coverage of key SecOps frameworks. Detect more TTPs and optimize countermeasures.

Complete Coverage

NDR discovers every device continuously and in real time and can tell what is managed by EDR or SIEM and identify unmanaged devices.

Automate Response

Use Reveal(x) detections to drive automated response actions through SIEM, SOAR, and EDR integrations.

Decrypt to Detect

Reveal(x) both analyzes encrypted traffic and securely decrypts traffic to detect hidden and unknown threats other tools miss.

How Reveal(x) NDR Completes The Modern SOC

ExtraHop Reveal(x) is the industry leader in network detection and response (NDR), providing complete east-west visibility, real-time threat detection inside the perimeter, and intelligent response at scale. By integrating Reveal(x) with Splunk, you can import ExtraHop detections and metrics, correlating the network view with SIEM to detect, investigate, and respond to unknown advanced threats faster, and take back the advantage from cyberattackers.


See Reveal(x) & Splunk In Action

This short video demonstrates the power of Reveal(x) and Splunk integration to boost your detection capability and accelerate threat response.