Driving Business Value with Continuous Operational Intelligence

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Learn how IT organizations can begin delivering continuous operational intelligence in this EMA white paper.

Businesses are thirsty for real-time insights. IT can slake that thirst!

In this white paper, EMA Research Analyst Jim Frey explains how IT organizations can derive real-time IT and business insights from their wire data. He will describe the opportunity that IT organizations have when it comes to deriving business value off the wire, as well as the unique capabilities included in the fourth-generation ExtraHop platform that make these real-time insights possible.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • Why IT organizations must move from an introverted, break-fix posture to become application-centric and data-driven.
  • The types of business insights that can be surfaced with wire data: user behavior, transaction analysis, data access patterns, and more.
  • About capabilities the fourth-generation ExtraHop platform makes it possible to capture insights that you previously thought were impossible.