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Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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Ryan Davis is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for IT Ops / NPM segment and is responsible for driving product and solutions marketing strategy.

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  • View the infographic to see why ExtraHop beats Riverbed in ease-of-use, scalability, enterprise visibility, and more.

  • Silos between NetOps and SecOps are par for the course, but as the enterprise expands and grows increasingly complex, these teams will need to start finding ways to collaborate. Read on to learn how ExtraHop and Ixia are making it easier to break down these silos in your business.

  • Learn how Intent Based Networking (IBN) and SD-Branch environments can help NetOps teams support cloud adoption and hybrid networks at massive scale.

  • Kirk Punches from Gigamon joins us to discuss how ExtraHop and Gigamon enable IT organizations to tap into their workloads for troubleshooting, capacity planning, security monitoring and other real-time insights in the public cloud.

  • Network monitoring tools aren't keeping up with today's environments. Real-time analytics with ExtraHop delivers the unprecedented visibility and immediate answers you need to act quickly and with confidence.

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