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New Role-Based Modules for Reveal(x) Offer User Flexibility

Network visibility empowers security and IT teams to make faster, more informed decisions. Security analysts look to network data to uncover threats post compromise more efficiently and definitively and to support incident response and forensic investigation workflows. Meanwhile, network engineers rely on network visibility to power accurate performance monitoring dashboards and to quickly troubleshoot application issues.

To better support security analysts’ and network engineers’ unique use cases and workflows, ExtraHop announced today the segmentation of its Reveal(x) platform into two distinct modules, based on customer feedback: one specifically for network detection and response (NDR) and one dedicated to network performance management (NPM). As part of this announcement, ExtraHop also announced the availability of add-on modules for IDS (available for NDR users) and packet forensics (available for both NDR and NPM users). These new modules released in version 9.3 provide dedicated experiences for our customers that align product functionality to specific use cases and roles to maximize team resources and shorten response times.

The modularization, which applies to both Reveal(x) Enterprise and Reveal(x) 360 deployments, comes in response to customers asking for role-based use cases and for choice in the functionality they focus on. The decision to release modules, instead of the previous all-in-one packaging, allows customers to choose the specific modules they need and receive streamlined support.


  • Role-based access controls, with access to data provided in Reveal(x) based on two key categories of users, security engineers and network engineers. Users get access to the data they need to perform their jobs, thus creating a streamlined user experience. They also get alerts and detection notifications based on their roles within the organization.
  • Personalized dashboards for network performance monitoring, allowing users to build custom dashboards to present the data they want based on their roles. 
  • Role-based workflows, with different entry points to Reveal(x), based on whether the user is a security or network performance user. For example, users can get a security overview page or their favorite NPM dashboard, and these entry points have different primary tools, either security detections or network alerts.
  • A network records module is included with the core NDR and NPM modules. The Reveal(x) platform, through its cloud record store, allows customers to look back into their complete network history for 90 days. The record store, because it’s hosted in the cloud, provides the cost-efficient elasticity and scalability required to store historical network packets and related telemetry.

Improved Value

The new packaging gives customers greater value because they will benefit from enhanced personalization and workflows, enabling users to complete tasks faster with improved precision and productivity. Users can easily deploy and manage their modules all from one console based on use cases, and they can improve their internal security through the access-based controls. 

Finally, the new packaging allows users to reduce the time to detect and investigate incidents and limit network downtime, through the streamlined workflows. These improved response times can ultimately reduce financial and reputational damages from a data breach or network downtime.

Even before the increased value from the new packaging, ExtraHop gave customers a huge return on their investment. In a Total Economic Impact™ Study released earlier this year, Forrester Consulting found that users of Reveal(x) 360 realized a 193% ROI over three years. With the new module-based packaging, customers will see even more value from Reveal(x).

The new packaging follows The Forrester Wave™: Network Analysis And Visibility, Q2 2023, report naming ExtraHop a leader among network analysis and visibility (NAV) solution providers. The recent Forrester report gave ExtraHop the highest possible scores in 20 out of 29 criteria it used to evaluate NAV providers.

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