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New Customer Community Unites Reveal(x) Users and ExtraHop Employees Worldwide

If you’re an ExtraHop customer interested in sharing best practices with other ExtraHop customers, we have good news: ExtraHop has launched a new online community.

The new customer community, which launched today, is designed to be a one-stop shop for information about deploying and gaining maximum value from the Reveal(x) network detection and response (NDR) platform. 

Customers can share their Reveal(x) tips, ask and answer questions, and learn about integrating the platform with other security tools. ExtraHop employees also will be on hand to answer questions and provide tech support.

“ExtraHop customers are incredibly passionate about Reveal(x), and it shows up in our customer net promoter score, during customer user groups, and across online review sites like Gartner Peer Insights  and G2," says Randy Johns, Vice President of Customer Success and Support at ExtraHop. "We want to foster this passion in our new online community and give our customers an always-on forum where they can connect with each other and with ExtraHop employees anywhere in the world, at any time of day."

User groups focused on specific industries such as financial services and healthcare will give community members working in those fields the opportunity to meet each other virtually and exchange best practices.

Community members are encouraged and incentivized to post comments on a wide range of Reveal(x) and cybersecurity topics. Members can earn badges based on their level of engagement and leaderboard rankings.

Users of the previous ExtraHop customer portal and forums will automatically be migrated to the new community. New community users will receive a guided registration experience showing them how to take advantage of all the new features. 

The community, which builds on an existing customer forum and learning management system, will host real-time Q&A sessions featuring customers and ExtraHop employees. The community team also plans to host live events on a range of topics, such as new attacker tactics and cloud security. 

“Our customers deserve the best,” says Johns, “and this community is designed to provide them with an exceptional, unified, and frictionless experience on all things related to ExtraHop and Reveal(x).” 

Check out the new customer community and let us know what you think. 

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