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2021 SANS Cloud Security Research

Explore the Current Cloudscape

Taking advantage of the scale, ease of innovation, and elasticity of public cloud environments are top-of-mind subjects for organizations of all sizes. So is cloud security, and for good reason. Over the last couple of years we've seen an increasing number of vulnerabilities in cloud assets and attacks targeting those particular soft spots—but that's all fairly common knowledge, and it doesn't provide any insight into the top concerns and threats in the cloud or the security tooling organizations are using.

To gain a better understanding of the current cloudscape, download your copy of the SANS 2021 Cloud Security Survey.

This new global report provides insight into how organizations are using the cloud today, the threats security teams are facing, and what they're doing to improve security posture in the cloud. Among the findings:

  • Organizations seem to be leveling up their cloud security, but the improvements are coming slowly.
  • Cloud service providers are making it easier for organizations to use security data and controls, but there's still work to do.
  • Several security vendors are offering products designed to bridge the gaps between on-premises and cloud deployments, and the number seems to be growing.

The report also looks back at previous years' survey results dives into key findings related to the different categories of security tooling, including:

  • Rankings of security automation platforms currently being used
  • Levels of emphasis on cloud, incident response, and forensics tools worldwide
  • Major frustrations organizations face as they try to beef up their forensic capabilities in cloud environments

To read the full results, download the SANS report.

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