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Congrats to Ulta's Diane Brown, CISO of the Year

We'd like to extend a big congratulations to Diane Brown, Chief Information Security Officer at Ulta Beauty, for being named 2020's CISO of the Year by RH-ISAC (Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center). Each year, RH-ISAC names a leader who "empowers their team to innovate, adapt, and evolve their processes to fit the needs of the evolving threat landscape." Diane was selected by her industry peers for her ability to champion and nurture her team and for her commitment to innovation.

We had the pleasure of meeting Brown back in January, and we couldn't agree more with this assessment. Brown sets standards high to beautifully match Ulta Beauty's unwavering customer-first values. For their expanding e-commerce platform, Brown has made strategic shifts on multiple fronts with the goal of placing their customer's data privacy above all else.

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What I do for a living here at Ulta is protect our guests. That's the main core of everything we do at Ulta, is to make sure that we're protecting our guests and their data.

Diane Brown, Chief Information Security Officer, Ulta Beauty

Brown achieved this by implementing positive workplace changes that empowered those under her to move from being reactive to proactive advocates and educators—benefits that have been noted across the organization. She made these key structural changes by blending security and network teams to create a high-performance, security-centric network, saying, "Network and security are so interrelated to each other, and everything happens within the same stack in the network, and we're like, well, let's try to bring these two teams together, and we call it the SNOC."

Brown has given Ulta Beauty's security program a dramatic makeover to help bridge visibility gaps as they grow. Last year, Ulta Beauty was able to scale by using Google Cloud as the foundation for their expanding e-commerce platform. For cloud-native security that could match their growth, Brown applied ExtraHop Reveal(x) network detection and response. ExtraHop further enhanced their new, cohesive 'SNOC' team by adding visibility across work streams for both network and security needs.

We hope you will join us in celebrating Diane Brown's leadership and ingenuity, as we've seen first-hand how her positive influence and engagement ripples past Ulta Beauty into the retail industry as a whole.

Learn more about how Ulta Beauty is using Reveal(x) by reading their customer story.

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