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Securing Healthcare: Frameworks, Visibility, and the Cloud

Healthcare IT and security teams face a rapidly changing landscape, increasing their workloads while keeping up with emerging security challenges. Healthcare organizations face distributed sites and increased adoption of telehealth, IoT, and rapid cloud expansion initiatives—all while they continue to be the most attacked industry.

Healthcare revolves around patient outcomes, and protecting patient privacy is critical. If the network is compromised, whether by ransomware or outages, healthcare organizations see consequences not faced by other industries:There are real impacts on patients' lives.

To tackle these challenges and ensure the best possible outcomes for both patient health and privacy, check out the following resources.

eBook: Building Resiliency at Scale: Securely Accelerating Digital Transformation

  • Hear from experts how to stop threats before they become a breach
  • Learn how to maximize visibility to block attacks like ransomware
  • Understand what's needed to securely accelerate the move to cloud

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White Paper: The Role Frameworks and Privacy Regulations Play in Healthcare Cybersecurity

  • Learn the impacts of privacy regulations like HIPAA and HITECH
  • Find insight on frameworks like NIST CSF and MITRE ATT&CK and how they apply to healthcare
  • Understand security solutions that can help you leverage frameworks and comply with privacy regulation

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