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Reveal(x) Cloud in 5 Minutes or Less: Misconfigurations

See how cloud-native NDR can help you detect and fix misconfigurations

Misconfigured assets are the open doors attackers use to access your most valuable resources and data in the cloud. And because of the large number of assets spread across your cloud environment, misconfigurations are also some of the most common and difficult-to-find vulnerabilities.

Everyone, it seems, struggles to detect misconfigurations. A recent McAfee report noted that companies only notice 1% of the misconfigurations on their side of the shared responsibility model in IaaS environments.

But just because misconfigurations are ubiquitous and often difficult to find, that doesn't mean they're impossible to identify and fix.

In our newest Reveal(x) Cloud video, we'll guide you through some of the misconfigurations a hacker used in one of the most notorious data breaches of 2018. We'll also show you how Cloud can help you detect those types of misconfigurations:


If you haven't seen our first Reveal(x) Cloud in 5 Minutes or Less video on how our SaaS-based network detection and response (NDR) solution uses Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring, watch it here.

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