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ExtraHop Reveal(x) Advisor Available on AWS Marketplace for Professional Services

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Advisor is now available on the AWS Marketplace for Professional Services. As a listed service, ExtraHop customers can easily apply budget in their AWS account to subscribe to Advisor in addition to Reveal(x) 360.

Advisor provides on-demand access to ExtraHop security experts for guidance and insight that improve an analyst's ability to detect, investigate, and respond to potential threats.

Delivered as an annual subscription service, customers can request reviews of specific detections (Threat Detection Analysis & Review), receive in-depth insight into their critical infrastructure (Security Hygiene Report), and learn how to best improve their security posture with the help of an ExtraHop Security Advisor (Tier 2 and Tier 3 Plans).

The Advisor service is designed for Reveal(x) 360 customers. Upon subscribing, customers provide the Advisor Analyst team remote access to their Reveal(x) system. Access is required to generate both detection review and security hygiene reports. Once registered, a member of the Advisor team will reach out about how to provide access.

What Is the Business Value of Advisor?

Return On Investment

It's well documented that up to 30 percent of security applications become shelfware. The primary reason given is a lack of time and resources to implement. Implementation includes not only configuration, but getting staff with the prerequisite skill sets for successful operation of the platform. It's hard to get a good ROI if a solution never gets used.

Advisor helps deliver ROI by enabling the organization's staff to better use Reveal(x) and effectively function as more skilled personnel.

User Productivity

Advisor services help users understand the context and background of various detections, gain insights into their critical infrastructure, and learn intelligent next step responses to mitigate risks and secure their environment. The combination of analytical reports and working sessions with a dedicated Security Advisor can significantly reduce the time, friction, and learning curve for users to identify, investigate and respond to risks and threats.

Time to Value

Time to value is defined as the time it takes for a customer, from the point of implementation, to achieve their desired objectives or business outcomes. Advisor provides services which accelerate users' ability to achieve their primary objectives: the rapid detection, concise investigation, and intelligent response to validated threats. As a result, the organization gains greater visibility and can achieve its security objectives with greater confidence.

To sign up, visit the AWS Marketplace.

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