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The Packet Pushers Weigh In on ExtraHop IoT Monitoring Capabilities

Hear What Hosts Drew Conry-Murray and Greg Ferro Have to Say

Drew Conry-Murray, one of the hosts of the Network Break podcast, sums it up perfectly: "IoT is very hot in security now because of the potential vulnerabilities they expose you to and the fact that for most IoT devices you can't put any kind of endpoint agent on it…"

So what do they think of ExtraHop's new IoT device behavior profiling and advanced threat detection capabilities?

Cohost Greg Ferro had this to say: "ExtraHop has made a lot of investments into machine learning… I think ExtraHop's got real credibility here… So I think this is an interesting product and one that people should be looking at if you're connecting a lot of IoT into your network…"

Listen to the podcast to get the full story and an update on IT news.

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