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Lightboard Video: The Silent Scream in Your Datacenter

The half-life of tactical IT and security operations data.

There's a silent scream somewhere on your network. An application, server, or service is crying out in anguish and no one can hear it. If you can't solve the problem in 30 minutes or less, your tactical data loses 70% of its value.

What most often happens: You hear from a user who is impacted or someone who has found your data for sale on the dark web. At that point, the normal fire drill will ensue:

  • Performance - If it's a performance issue, the IT Operations team will have to find out what's the root cause by looking at various monitoring tools.
  • Security - If it's a security issue, the incident response team will go back and scour through logs to investigate the who, what, when, where, and how of the event.

This typical workflow is reactive and costly—everyone understands that. What's less appreciated is the fact that the tactical data needed to resolve or remediate these issues has a half-life. Nucleus Research found that tactical data loses over half its value after just 30 minutes of an incident occurring.

Watch the video below to learn more about the half-life of data.

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