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Add ExtraHop's Outside-In View to Your AppDynamics Monitoring

ExtraHop and AppDynamics work together to give DevOps teams complete visibility into their application performance.

AppDynamics is an application performance management solution that relies on agents to monitor applications and servers. The AppDynamics events system provides real-time status for various events coming from the controller and nodes through the use of agents. Built-in events include application errors, slow transactions, configuration changes, and Java exceptions.

This visibility is great for application development and operations teams that need to understand the details of how their applications are performing, but does not include important areas of visibility about the broader environment in which that application is running.

With ExtraHop's Custom Events bundle for AppDynamics, you can extend the events system in AppDynamics by sending any alerts generated by an ExtraHop Discover appliance to an AppDynamics application as custom events. From there, you can configure AppDynamics alerts and automatic remediation actions to respond to problems or warning signs as they occur. The automated responses that AppDynamics supports include running scripts via machine agent, HTTP requests, notifications, and other custom actions.

This bundle helps you to combine AppDynamics' agent data with ExtraHop's wire data and L2-L7 metrics to increase your visibility into your environment. Send custom events for any ExtraHop alerts you want, whether it's DNS, LDAP, or CIFS errors, excessive TCP retransmission timeouts, or even ransomware detection events.

AppD Events Tab

In the AppDynamics Events tab, you can see the severity, timestamp, description, and source of custom events from ExtraHop.

Events Status Dashboard

The Events Status dashboard provides information about the ExtraHop alerts that are generating events in AppDynamics.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

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