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Network Teams Need A Better Workflow

Real-time analytics vs. traditional network monitoring

If there's one thing we've heard at trade shows, during POCs, and on social media it has been this: Networking and IT Operations teams need a better way to address problems within their environment. This isn't because these roles are not capable, or haven't advanced their understanding and use of technology, but rather because the traditional models have failed to keep up with their environments and needs.

ExtraHop cuts hours off your everyday workflows with real-time visibility, definitive insights, and immediate answers. Check out the infographic for a step-by-step workflow comparison!

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For a deeper dive into why NetOps teams should turn a critical eye on legacy tools and workflows, click here to view the 5 Questions Network Teams Need to Answer.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

Stop Breaches 87% Faster

Investigate a live attack in the full product demo of ExtraHop Reveal(x), network detection and response, to see how it accelerates workflows.

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