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What Reveal(x) 360 Means for the Channel

SaaS-Based NDR for Unified Security

May 19, 2020

Supporting the channel has always been top priority for ExtraHop. With the introduction of SaaS-based Reveal(x) 360, we're doubling down on our efforts to help partners support their key initiatives and those of their clients during a time of massive global disruption and digital transformation.

Your clients have been forced to accelerate their use of distributed workforces, IoT devices, and public cloud while balancing security and deliverability. With Reveal(x) 360 cloud-native network detection and response (NDR) delivered as a SaaS, you can help them achieve that balance now and in the future.

We cover a lot of ground in our Reveal(x) 360 announcement and Reveal(x) 360 technical capabilities blogs. I want to take this opportunity to share some highlights and a quick preview of our Partner exclusive webinar. In the webinar, you'll learn how to show clients the value of our elegant Reveal(x) 360 deployment model and cloud-hosted services.

The webinar starts at 8 a.m. PT on Thursday, May 21. You can register here. If you can't make it to the live stream, we'll archive it for on-demand viewing on our Panorama Partner Portal.

Unified Hybrid Security

Reveal(x) 360 provides unified visibility, threat detection, and response from the edge to the core to the cloud in a single management pane. Reveal(x) 360 sensors can be deployed in on-premises, AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure environments, giving your clients the visibility they need to secure workloads no matter where they're located. This unified approach eliminates the complexity and visibility gaps of deploying separate tools in on-premises, hybrid, and multicloud environments, helping to reduce tool sprawl and spend.

SaaS Deployment Model

Reveal(x) 360 represents a new option for how customers can deploy our ground-breaking Reveal(x) platform. Because it's delivered as a SaaS-based solution, Reveal(x) 360 deploys quickly, removing much of the management burden from security and IT teams. It begins proving value immediately, removing data silos and putting an end to a major source of friction between security and IT operations while helping enterprises optimize their budgets.

Cloud-Hosted Services

ExtraHop sensors decrypt and process network traffic and extract metadata for behavioral analysis, real-time threat detection, and guided investigation performed in Reveal(x) 360. By analyzing over 1PB of wire data per day from more than 15 million devices and workloads worldwide, Reveal(x) 360 gives analysts the global intelligence necessary to stay ahead of emerging threats.

A cloud-hosted record store with 90-day lookback allows managed search capabilities for faster incident investigation. Plus, index record search and query of data from every segment of their hybrid environment provides analysts with 360-degree visibility and situational intelligence. For customers who need to perform network forensics, Reveal(x) 360 Ultra offers continuous PCAP for 1Gbps and 5Gbps SaaS sensors as an upgrade option in AWS.

The Reveal(x) 360 control plane ties together sensors deployed on-prem in a datacenter, at branch offices, and in Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure environments in a single management pane, making it possible for SecOps to see and secure every device, workload, and user across their expanding attack surface

Cloud-Based Procurement

We're ensuring our partners have the ability to leverage the AWS Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) program to easily transact with clients who wish to purchase their Reveal(x) 360 subscriptions, SaaS sensors, and additional bands of record capacity through AWS Marketplace. They can also use the marketplace to purchase on-demand record capacity.

If you are not yet set up to transact via AWS CPPO, please contact your ExtraHop channel manager, who can arrange this very quickly.

We hope to see you on our Partner-centric Reveal(x) 360 webinar on May 21, or that you view it on-demand on our Panorama Partner Portal.

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