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ExtraHop March 2022 TL;DR

A quick refresh of what you may have missed in cybersecurity for March

Paul Ditty

March 31, 2022

Welcome to your March edition of the ExtraHop TL;DR! This is your place to get the highlights on what we're talking about this month. You can also watch our video broadcasts on the third Friday of every month on our LinkedIn page.

Man x Machine: The Near Extinction of Maersk

We recently hosted an exclusive event where Andy Jones, former Global CISO at Maersk, provided an intimate look at how a 50-billion-dollar company lost everything—computers, network data, and even phone lines—in just six minutes. As Andy explains, "It was like the internet was never invented."

Andy also breaks down how his team got Maersk back online and offers inspiring lessons to combat a new class of advanced threats. "If you haven't got backups," Andy asks, "what are you going to do?"

SANS 2022 ATT&CK® and D3FEND™ Report

Adversaries are using new tactics to access your valuable data. Gain insight into two complementary MITRE frameworks and learn how you can speed up your organization's incident response.

Advanced Threat Detection for the Cloud

As cloud security teams find themselves under siege from advanced attacks, they need the tools to secure mission-critical workloads and applications. Learn how to isolate advanced threats like supply chain attacks and lateral movement in minutes.

Threat of the Month: C2 Beaconing

Command-and-control (C&C or C2) beaconing is a type of malicious communication between a C2 server and malware on an infected host. C2 servers can orchestrate a variety of nefarious acts, from denial of service (DoS) attacks to ransomware to data exfiltration.

From the ExtraHop Blog

Take a look at some of our recent stories.

The Long Tail of War: A Cyber Response to an Economic Battle

In the first of a multi-part series, ExtraHop CEO Patrick Dennis explores the cybersecurity implications of the Ukraine invasion and what to look out for in the coming months.

Build Resilience Amid Rising Risk of Russian Cyberthreats

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the risk of cyber warfare has escalated. Find out how you can protect your organization from cyberthreats.

Common Threats to Cloud Security

Remote work is here to stay. Learn how the widespread adoption of the cloud makes it a target for advanced attacks.

In Other News

Read, watch, or listen to some interesting news from around the internet.

CyberWire-X Podcast: What Log4Shell Has Taught Us

CyberWire's Dave Bittner examines what Log4Shell tells us about the state of cyber defense in 2022, and what enterprises can do to prepare.

Wired: Ukraine's Volunteer "IT Army" is Hacking in Uncharted Territory

While Ukrainian civilians take up arms to defend their country, volunteers have also joined up on the digital front to fight back online.

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