The True Cost of a Security Breach

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How Litehouse Foods Scaled Up Their Security as They Grew From Small Business to Enterprise

Why teams need detection and response with deep network visibility

Celine Rosak

June 19, 2020

Small businesses transitioning to enterprises get growing pains, like managing the security and performance of their rapidly evolving systems and applications.

Over the past fifty years, Litehouse Foods has grown from a small family restaurant selling homemade salad dressing in Hope, Idaho to a national producer of dressings, dips, cheeses, and ciders. The employee-owned company has achieved that growth by introducing new products, expanding into new markets, and acquiring other food manufacturers.

We shifted from a mom-and-pop business to an enterprise really fast. That meant we had to address new security issues at an enterprise level far beyond the basic firewalls and antivirus that were good enough when we were a small business.

Ben Budge, Systems Administrator, Litehouse Foods

They needed to scale their security operations as they underwent this business transformation and sought a solution that could provide deep network visibility as well as detection and response—with a minimum of false positives. They turned to ExtraHop Reveal(x).

With Reveal(x), we're able to get to the truth because it's in the packets, and we can get to it quickly. Our security and uptime are better because of it.

Ben Budge, Systems Administrator, Litehouse Foods

Reveal(x) exposed exactly what was happening under the hood of their network, helping the small team to quickly prioritize real issues rather than wasting hours investigating dead-end alerts. With Reveal(x), the number of false positives has been reduced by as much as 50 percent.

Download the case study to learn why Reveal(x) enables small teams to scale with their rapidly growing business.

Itching for more? Ben Budge and Lyle Beck share their ExtraHop experience on Enterprise Security Weekly:

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