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Why, Thank You

ExtraHop Recognized in Three Recent Award Wins

Celine Rosak

July 23, 2020

Pop quiz: What do artificial intelligence, ransomware, and fast-growth startups all have in common?

All three describe ExtraHop.

In recent weeks, ExtraHop has been recognized by several different organizations for excellence in cybersecurity and technology. Read on to learn what they're saying.

AI 50 | Forbes


Forbes evaluated hundreds of applications to recognize 50 private, U.S.-based companies for their innovative use of artificial intelligence to drive outcomes for customers and within their own organizations.

Why ExtraHop:

ExtraHop was selected on the basis of company growth and revenue, as well as for its leadership in the use of machine learning and AI for threat detection, investigation, and response.

So, how does it work?

ExtraHop Reveal(x) applies the scalable computing resources of the cloud for ML and AI. This cloud-scale machine learning is unique in the network detection and response (NDR) market, allowing Reveal(x) to apply millions of models to over 5,000 features of data derived from 4-plus petabytes of anonymized threat telemetry collected from more than 15 million devices and workloads worldwide every day. The sheer volume of data on which ExtraHop's ML learns makes its detections focused, precise, and uniquely reliable—as well as up to 95 percent faster.

See the full list and read the press release.

Ransomware 25 | Cybercrime Magazine


The editors at Cybercrime Magazine compiled a list of companies to watch that have tools, platforms, and services designed to combat ransomware.

Why ExtraHop:

Reveal(x) auto-detects anomalies on the network, notifies incident response teams within minutes of a ransomware infection, and can automate response workflows and use integrations to immediately quarantine infected systems. Teams can use the Reveal(x) live activity map to track suspicious traffic as it moves through the enterprise so they can immediately disconnect infected computers, identify and block malicious IP addresses, and begin restoring files from backup.

See the full list.

Cybersecurity Startups To Watch | Forbes


The list weighs companies' growth and ability to adapt to meet the evolving needs of the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry.

Why ExtraHop:

ExtraHop provides cloud-native network detection and response for the hybrid enterprise. Whether you're investigating threats, ensuring the availability of critical applications, or securing your cloud investment, ExtraHop's breakthrough approach helps you rise above the noise so you can protect and accelerate your business.

See the full list.

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