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Announcing Reveal(x) 360

Unified Security from Core to Edge to Cloud

Sri Sundaralingam

May 19, 2020

As a product and marketing executive, I've had the privilege to take more than 100 new products to market in the past 20-plus years. New product introduction is about exciting customers and delivering innovation with meaningful business outcomes. It is rare that you get the chance to introduce a product that not only shapes the future of a company, but also radically transforms the industry.

That's why today I'm proud to announce the arrival of ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360, a SaaS-based network detection and response (NDR) solution engineered to provide the unified visibility and control that enterprises need to secure the new realities of IT.

The ability to unify security across on-premises, hybrid, multicloud, and remote deployments has never been more important than it is today. Over the last few months, enterprises of all sizes have been forced to accelerate their use of public cloud, internet-of-things (IoT) devices, and distributed workforces in response to global events.

While nobody could have foreseen the forcing factor for such a dramatic shift in such a short period of time, the trend line of increased cloud and IoT use was already moving in that direction. Now, it's time to make sure that enterprises can safely transform at scale, and sustainably for the long term.

What Does Reveal(x) 360 Mean for the Enterprise?

Reveal(x) 360 represents the natural and timely evolution of our breakthrough approach to cloud-native network detection and response. Delivered as a service, Reveal(x) 360 deploys quickly, removes much of the management burden from security and IT teams, and begins proving its value immediately.

For the first time, SecOps teams can detect, investigate, and respond to threats from the data center to the cloud to the user and device edge in a single management pane. Not only does this unified approach eliminate the complexity of deploying and operating separate tools in each environment, it also removes the friction caused by data silos between security and IT teams who need to collaborate closely in order to provide a safe, reliable digital experience.

A cloud-based record store provides a fully hosted and managed search capability for streamlined incident investigation. Analysts can also leverage index record search and query of data from every segment of the hybrid environment for 360-degree visibility and situational intelligence.

You can learn more about our cloud-hosted record store, control plane, and machine learning services in our technical capabilities blog post.

A cloud-native consumption model enables organizations to manage peak periods like Cyber Monday, fall course registration, and insurance enrollment periods without getting locked into annual contracts. Flexible pricing plans include reserved instance and on-demand pricing options to align with individual customer budget requirements.

How Does Reveal(x) 360 Work?

Reveal(x) 360 enables security teams to see every device, every workload, every user, everywhere—and detect and respond to threats anywhere—from a single management pane.

ExtraHop sensors deployed locally in data centers, clouds, and remote sites decrypt and process network data, extracting records and de-identified metadata which are sent securely to Reveal(x) 360 for behavioral analysis, real-time threat detection, and investigation.

For cloud deployments, ExtraHop leverages native integrations with packet mirroring features from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, as well as the announced Microsoft Azure vTAP, to capture copies of network traffic data without the need for cumbersome agents.

How Reveal(x) 360 works

ExtraHop machine learning analyzes petabytes of anonymized threat telemetry collected daily from more than 15 million devices and workloads worldwide to provide security teams with the global intelligence they need to stay ahead of emerging threats.

To learn more about the technical details of Reveal(x) 360, visit our How It Works page.

To try it for yourself, start our online product demo or request a free trial.

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