2024 Global Cyber Confidence Index

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Business Initiatives

Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Security

Reduce risk and build business resilience with agentless network intelligence for cloud security use cases.


Defend Critical Cloud Assets Against Advanced Threats.

Shifts toward remote work accelerated demand for cloud-based architectures. Can your security team keep up with risk?

Cloud security teams are under siege. Adversaries outnumber analysts, and firewalls, logs, and agent-based security controls can't prevent every advanced threat from entering the network. Add in the increasing use of encryption and critical assets spread across multicloud and hybrid deployments and the challenges only increase.

Security teams need a way to stop attacks from the inside — in the east-west corridor where threats hide after slipping past other tools. With expanded visibility and real-time detection of post-compromise activities like lateral movement, your team can reduce risk, build business resilience, and stop advanced threats before they become breaches.


Unify security across multicloud & hybrid cloud deployments

Best in class

Integration solutions

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Zero Trust

NDR with EDR

Identify network attacks that evade endpoint security tools with agentless visibility, real-time threat detection, and streamlined investigation from RevealX.


Detect, prioritize, and respond faster to known and unknown threats by correlating NDR behavioral analysis with activity logs.

NDR with SSE

Integrate NDR with security service edge (SSE) tools to enhance alignment to zero trust principles with visibility into all network traffic, including in multicloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments.



See everything. Risk nothing.

Secure and optimize critical assets in hybrid and multicloud environments with RevealX network intelligence.

A very powerful and great solution for threat detection and network monitoring.

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