Nail the CIS Top 20 Controls with better visibility and machine learning

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When you have limited resources and a large attack surface to protect, smart prioritization is crucial. Frameworks like the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Critical Security Controls are designed to help you make those difficult decisions, but a framework is only useful if you've got the resources to follow it.

Everything after CIS Control 6 (Maintenance, Monitoring, and Analysis of Audit Logs) often requires more staff hours than your average SOC can spare, and even the "basic and essential" Controls, such as Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges (#4) can be tough for a security team with limited visibility, bandwidth, and organizational support.

The emerging security category of Network Detection and Response (NDR) is uniquely suited to solving those challenges. Read the white paper to learn how NDR solutions make it far easier to tackle many of the most ambitious CIS Controls, using ExtraHop Reveal(x) as an example!