IDC Market Share Report

Worldwide Network Intelligence and Threat Analytics Market Shares: How the Network Is Used to Unmask the Adversary

Who Shaped the Year:

"The emphasis on vendors who shaped the year went toward vendors that provided unique use cases. ExtraHop comes to mind."

IDC recently published its research on network intelligence and threat analytics market or NITA. As the report indicates, NITA roughly tracks to a more common industry acronym: network detection and response (NDR). IDC sizes the market with a total 1.3B market share and a better than 24% year-over-year growth rate overall.

Chris Kissel, research director, Security and Trust Products at IDC is quoted as saying,

"What seems like a natural extension of the network is that the mobility of data, the actions of users, and performance-related criteria could be turned on its head to be used to find indicators of compromise (IoCs), and chart the path of the adversary."

"What has been somewhat surprising is that by way of extending the network to include work-from-home employees, network intelligence and threat analytics (NITA) vendors have been a large part of the cybersecurity stack in 2020."