ExtraHop and Eduserv Drive IT Transformation for UK Universities, Hospitals, and Research Centres

UK's largest not-for-profit provider of public sector IT services deploys ExtraHop to provide critical visibility across its datacentre infrastructure and deliver more rapid troubleshooting for its customers

SEATTLE, WA - December 14, 2015 – ExtraHop, the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations, today announced that Eduserv, the UK's largest not-for-profit public sector IT service provider, has selected the ExtraHop analytics platform to streamline the delivery of its IT services, ensure that it meets SLA commitments, and help its public sector customers run their IT and business operations with greater efficiency.

With 160 mostly technical staff backed up by dedicated datacenters and a deep set of accreditations, Eduserv helps some of the UK's largest public sector and charitable organizations – including Bristol City Council, Marie Curie Cancer Care, British Library, Department for Education, and several entities within the NHS – manage complex IT deployments and ensure the performance and availability of mission-critical internal and public-facing applications.

In order to gain visibility across its IT infrastructure, Eduserv embarked on a trial deployment of the ExtraHop platform, which delivers turnkey stream and historical analytics for wire data including all network, client, application, infrastructure, and business data traversing the network. The goal of the deployment was to give Eduserv a deeper understanding of the interdependencies of their infrastructure, reduce the time and resources spent troubleshooting problems, and help them meet SLA commitments to their public sector customers.

"When we first started looking at ExtraHop, it was for our own IT environment," explains Matt Johnson, principal infrastructure architect at Eduserv. "However, we quickly realized it would significantly help our customers in their environment; and this proved just how powerful this could be for us. With the visibility this platform provides, not only can we run our own applications and infrastructure more efficiently, we can offer it as-a-service to help our clients solve other challenging application and network issues."

For Eduserv, the ability to deliver IT operational visibility to their customers is particularly important due to the unique constraints faced by many public sector and charitable organizations.

"Limited budgets, coupled with a highly competitive market for IT talent, makes it imperative for our customers' IT organizations to run as lean and efficient as possible," says Johnson. "ExtraHop's ability to simplify and improve visibility into increasingly complex IT processes can really help both Eduserv and our customers do more with less."

"Eduserv helps public sector and charitable organizations stay focused on their core mandate – whether that's education, healthcare, or municipal services – by providing the IT services and support on which those organizations rely," says Colin Pittham, VP Sales EMEA for ExtraHop. "With ExtraHop, Eduserv has the data they need to proactively identify and address errors, latencies, and anomalies, paving the way for more data-driven IT operations. For their customers, this visibility means faster troubleshooting, leaner IT operations, and the ability to better address the needs of the citizens they serve."

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