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Game-Changing, Frictionless Cloud Security: Wizards of the Coast + ExtraHop

Wizards of the Coast secure 360 degrees of the game development lifecycle with Reveal(x) 360

March 31, 2020

Spend a dollar on a feature or a dollar on operations? That's the perennial question of many software companies, especially in the highly competitive online gaming space, says Wizards of the Coast Chief Architect and Information Security Officer, Dan McDaniel.

As the makers of popular games including "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Magic: The Gathering," international adventure game leader Wizards of the Coast entertains tens of millions of fans around the globe. In the highly competitive arena of online gaming, speed is key, and Wizards' game development teams need to be able to roll out updates several times a day. That means security has to protect business applications and customer data without compromising speed or agility. Reveal(x) 360 was a game-changer for his team at Wizards of the Coast, says McDaniel.

With Reveal(x) 360, the security team at Wizards has visibility, threat detection, and investigation capability in the cloud without introducing friction into the development and delivery cycle. Developers can now make feature updates several times a day without compromising security.

When you're looking to invest in the rhythm of your business, there's no other company that aligns to supporting the DevOps model, the speed, and the lack of friction than ExtraHop.

Dan McDaniel, Chief Architect and Information Security Officer, Wizards of the Coast

And when the chief information security officer at one of the biggest gaming companies on earth says Reveal(x) is "slick and easy," it's time to sit back, set aside Dungeons & Dragons (for just a few minutes), and watch the testimonial:

Download the case study to learn why Reveal(x) 360 is critical to any company scaling in the cloud—and how it helps make sure everyone is working from the same datasets across development, security, and IT operations.

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