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What to Expect at RSA Conference 2023

Visit ExtraHop and Check out These Exciting Keynote Sessions


April 11, 2023

The 2023 RSA Conference is two weeks away. This year’s theme is Stronger Together, which seems fitting, as the event is expected to welcome nearly 50,000 attendees and 700 exhibitors from April 24 to 27.

With so much to see and such a big turnout, RSA Conference can feel overwhelming. Here’s a quick (and admittedly biased) guide to some activities worth checking out.

Visit ExtraHop at Booth #N6155

This year, we have some exciting new events. Stop by our booth to meet our team of experts, see a live demo, and to discover…(drum roll, please):

What's in the Black Box?

Take a short quiz and find out what’s really happening on a network by entering our unique and engaging Black Box experience. In cybersecurity, you can’t trust what you can’t see. Find out what can happen when you have the power to reveal the unknown and unmask an adversary.

Unlock the Box. Beat the Clock Challenge with CrowdStrike

Join us for an exciting new event with our integration partner CrowdStrike. Harness the power of ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 and CrowdStrike Falcon to stop a Kerberos golden ticket attack. Earn points toward winning an Xbox Series X or a shopping spree at the CrowdStrike Swag Store by completing tasks in this 15-minute challenge. The clock is ticking—are you ready?

Line Up for These Sessions

Don't miss these speaking engagements:

4/25 | Face the Music: Cybersecurity and the Music Industry

When one thinks of industries targeted by malicious actors, the music recording and performance industries don’t always spring to mind. But the music industry has been forced to grapple with evolving technology just like any other business. This ensemble of leaders from the music industry, law enforcement, and academia will discuss artificial intelligence and cyber-enabled threats to the music industry.

Watch the session

4/26 | Semi-Advanced Threats vs. the Semi-Critical Infrastructure

As state-sponsored gangs disband, skilled hackers will need income, and supply-chain dependencies like small food suppliers and transit companies are vulnerable to an attack that could affect millions of consumers. Jeff Costlow, Deputy CISO at ExtraHop, will explain why the semi-critical infrastructure is a target and how to prevent disruptions.

Watch the session:

4/27 | The Hugh Thompson Show: Quantum Edition

Partially dead cats? Entanglement? Multiverse? Everything everywhere all at once. Pop culture fascination with quantum has created a magical—and sometimes scary!—exploration of this breakthrough science. Join real quantum computing and cryptography experts, and then welcome to the stage the most celebrated Hollywood quantum scientist of them all, Doc Brown. Great Scott! Quantum has arrived.

Watch this session

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