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ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 Ebook

Use Cases, Pricing, How It Works, and More

Dale Norris

April 23, 2021

Cybersecurity has never been easy, and as enterprises move from the on-premises data center to the cloud, they often run into issues and friction that can slow or even stall digital transformation initiatives. Hybrid and multicloud security come with their own unique sets of concerns, and not every tool can meet those new challenges.

Many tools only work in one environment, creating data silos and forcing security analysts to swivel between products. Others rely exclusively on logs, which lack real-time visibility, or agents, which are difficult to scale. The result? Gaps that leave you less secure.

Download the new Reveal(x) 360 ebook to learn how ExtraHop helps you remove security gaps and detect, investigate, and respond to threats from the data center to the cloud to the user and device edge in a single management pane.

The ebook is loaded with information about the value of cloud-native network detection and response (NDR) delivered as a SaaS. You'll see how ExtraHop's unified approach eliminates the complexity of deploying and operating separate tools in each environment. You can eliminate the friction caused by data silos between teams that need to collaborate closely in order to provide a safe, reliable digital experience.

You can also dig deeper into specific hybrid and cloud security use cases, as well as examples of how Reveal(x) 360 helps IT Ops teams ensure the availability of business-critical applications. Additionally, you'll learn more about the Reveal(x) 360 cloud record store, a key component that enables immediate access to in-depth network and threat information for the past 90 days. These records are stored securely in the cloud and provide analysts the ability to quickly determine root cause and remediate vulnerabilities.

Finally, you can find pricing information to see how Reveal(x) 360 can fit into your organization's security or IT Ops budget.

Ready to learn more? Download the ebook today!

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