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Security Managed Services: Connecting Customers and Partners

June 7, 2021

Managed services have become a hot topic for both companies looking for services-based security and partners looking to create recurring revenue streams. Organizations are actively seeking managed services to augment their internal capabilities or to outsource their SOC function entirely. This trend has accelerated during the pandemic because many organizations are trying to better balance economic challenges and opportunities.

As public and private sector organizations continuously seek new ways to defend against advanced threats like supply chain attacks and zero-day exploits, detection and response capabilities have fast become critical to the modern security operations center (SOC). For a growing number of organizations, outsourcing these capabilities to a managed services provider with deep security expertise has become increasingly attractive. According to the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services, "By 2025, 50% organizations will be using MDR service for threat monitoring, detection and response functions that offer threat containment capabilities."

Managed services providers that leverage ExtraHop network detection and response (NDR) can help their customers detect threats 50% faster, eliminate blind spots by detecting threats other tools miss, and allow analysts to act quickly by reducing the time it takes to respond to threats by 84%.

We understand that organizations want partners that can manage not only ExtraHop Reveal(x), but also provide 24 X 7 monitoring, detection, and response services. At ExtraHop, we're engaged in partnering with solutions providers that are focused on providing customers proactive managed services to augment or outsource an organization's SOC entirely.

There are two types of authorized ExtraHop Managed Services provider partners that organizations can leverage to augment or outsource their security operations center:

  1. ExtraHop Managed Services provider partners
  2. ExtraHop MSP resale partners

ExtraHop Managed Services Provider Partners:

Authorized ExtraHop Managed Services partners have spent the time and capital to build out a security operations center. These authorized partners connect regularly with ExtraHop teams to define their services offering, test integrations, and engage around their customer's business requirements. These partners often provide managed SIEM and EDR services and may partner with SOAR vendors to provide their customers with managed remediation services.

To find an authorized ExtraHop Managed Services provider, please email

ExtraHop MSP Resale Partners:

ExtraHop understands that partners may not want to spend the time or the capital to create their own SOC, but want to address the needs of their customers and provide a managed SOC service. ExtraHop has teamed with High Wire Networks to provide any partner in North America with the ability to provide their customers with an authorized ExtraHop Managed Service via SYNNEX. Just like ExtraHop Managed Services provider partners, High Wire Networks connects regularly with ExtraHop to define their services offering, test integrations, and engage around customer and business requirements.

To learn more about Overwatch Managed NDR, powered by ExtraHop, please click on this link or reach out to your ExtraHop regional sales manager.

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