The True Cost of a Security Breach

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The Ground Truth: Securing Remote Work with Collaborative NetSecOps

Chase Snyder

March 24, 2021

The increases in distributed workforces and rapid adoption of new information technology to support them aren't going away. These shifts may have been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they're going to stick around long after it is over because ultimately, they make sense for businesses.

Companies were already adopting the cloud. They tapped distant pools of talent and used remote access tools, coworking spaces, and SaaS services to allow distributed workers to collaborate seamlessly. The pandemic accelerated this momentum, but these changes won't be undone.

For cybersecurity vendors, it creates a challenge and an opportunity in 2021 and beyond. The attack surface is bigger, and different, than it has ever been before. The network perimeter of an organization has taken on an entirely new meaning—or dissolved entirely, depending who you talk to. Massive numbers of difficult-to-secure devices like IoT and employee-owned remote gadgets (BYOD) have access to corporate networks.

How Collaborative NetSecOps Is Helping Enterprises Survive Turbulence

Security teams and network operations teams have been forced to adjust rapidly, and part of this adjustment has driven home a point that's been a long time coming: SecOps and NetOps are both more successful when they work together.

Through increased collaboration, network operations can become a strategic asset to the company, rather than just a cost center. Security teams can become enablers of business, rather than the team of no as they are often perceived.

When IT operations pros are given the opportunity to collaborate with security, they learn valuable security skills. It allows employees to develop in their career, and enables companies to develop their security workforce at a time when it's incredibly difficult to hire new security talent.

Our VP of Security Solutions, Sri Sundaralingam, recently went into detail on these topics on The Ground Truth podcast with Cybercrime Magazine. Tune in to learn more about how the transformational effects of COVID are driving SecOps and NetOps teams to work together.

Sri also discusses sharing tools and data sources to accelerate incident response, reduce downtime, and survive the seismic shifts in the cyberthreat landscape in 2021 and beyond.

The Ground Truth: Securing Remote Work

The Ground Truth: Break Down Silos

Check out the rest of The Ground Truth podcast's catalog of episodes for expert discussions of supply chain attacks like the SolarWinds SUNBURST attack, and strategies for supercharging your security with network detection and response (NDR).

Hungry for more? View our webcast on how NetSecOps and Collaborative Incident Response have changed in the wake of advanced supply chain attacks like SUNBURST.

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