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Reveal(x) 360 Achieves AWS Security Competency Status

Discover What It Means for Your Cloud Security

Ryan Davis

October 28, 2020

In a year filled with customer success stories and major awards for ExtraHop, achieving Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency Status for Reveal(x) 360 may be the biggest prize of them all.

The vetting process is strenuous, and not every product meets the high standards set by AWS. The only way to reach security competency is to demonstrate technical proficiency and a proven ability to secure workloads, applications, and data on AWS, backed by customer testimonials.

While achieving AWS Security Competency Status further validates Reveal(x) 360 network detection and response (NDR) for cloud security, it's not just about the technology.

"Earning AWS Security Competency Status is a significant step in our commitment to helping our customers achieve their cloud security goals," said Raja Mukerji, Chief Customer Officer and Co-founder, ExtraHop. "Enterprises are leveraging the cloud to accelerate digital business initiatives, and security teams find themselves in the challenging position of establishing visibility and control without adding friction to DevOps. By working with AWS, ExtraHop enables our customers to confidently and securely take full advantage of the speed, agility and innovation unleashed by the cloud."

Cloud Security Without the Drag on DevOps

If you're not familiar with NDR as a product category, it unlocks the ultimate source of truth in cloud security—data from network traffic packets—to provide unmatched visibility into east-west traffic in your AWS environment. By leveraging Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring, best-of-breed NDR solutions such as Reveal(x) 360 eliminate the need to deploy agents, adding the ability to quickly scale your security toolset while removing a major source of friction that can slow down DevOps workflows.

Whether you're migrating and securing apps on AWS, monitoring intellectual property, or identifying post-compromise behaviors, cloud-native NDR from SaaS-based Reveal(x) 360 helps you stop breaches, not business, and detect threats up to 95% faster.

Key Reveal(x) 360 Features and Benefits

Reveal(x) 360 provides the packet-level visibility, real-time threat detection, and intelligent response you need to secure and reduce risk in your AWS environment. Security and cloud operations will benefit from:

On-demand SaaS sensors: Billed by the hour, Reveal(x) 360 on-demand sensors enable you to pay for the NDR you need, for only as long as you need it. You can quickly select sensors through the Reveal(x) 360 cloud console and collect data that's crucial to forensic investigation for on-demand incident response.

Cloud record store with 90-day lookback: Network traffic packets provide a depth of information you can't find with logs or agent-based data. With cloud-hosted record storage and 90-day lookback, you can dig into security events to get to ground truth in clicks.

Fast triage of cloud threats: Security teams can quickly discover and examine unusual activity (such as large amounts of data moving out of Amazon S3 buckets, for example) or dig into suspicious IP addresses accessing AWS services.

Rapid discovery of insider attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs): Advanced machine learning, real-time threat intelligence, and behavioral analysis allows Reveal(x) 360 to discover unauthorized behavior indicative of APTs, suspicious activity by authorized AWS users, and more.

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