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What's the State of Hybrid and Cloud Security Tools?

Security and IT Professionals Share Their Experiences

Dale Norris

January 14, 2021

When you're searching for new cybersecurity products, it's important to keep two things in mind. First, vendors love sowing FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) to make their product's case for securing critical workloads and data. Second, understanding the real strengths and weaknesses in your current products is incredibly important before adding to your toolset.

While we can't stop others from bombarding you with FUD, ExtraHop can help you contextualize the good and bad of your existing tools. We surveyed hundreds of IT and security pros who don't currently use ExtraHop products to learn where they have data and workloads, what security tools they're using, and the biggest tool-based challenges they face.

Below is a sample of what we found. To view the full report, download your complimentary ExtraHop Cloud and Hybrid Security Tooling Report today.

Tooling Gaps Are Real

Organizations have workloads and data spread across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployments, including in multicloud environments. Unfortunately, those disparate environments often lead to using a patchwork of vendor, in-house, and cloud service provider (CSP) tools that still don't address the most common challenge organizations face.

More than 60% of respondents admitted to having gaps in their current toolsets. For some, visibility across environments is a major concern; for others, it's a lack of real-time threat detection and reporting, regardless of environment. A significant number of survey takers revealed that they have issues with the depth and breadth of information provided by their current log-based tools.

Hybrid and Multicloud Use Continues to Grow

The on-premises data center isn't dead, but the move away from on-prem-only to hybrid environments is growing. Currently, 46% of respondents have hybrid deployments with multiple CSPs while 43% use only a single CSP in their hybrid environment.

More importantly, almost two-thirds of survey takers said they plan to move more workloads and data to the cloud in 2021. Given that growth, and keeping in mind the problems with gaps respondents currently face, the upcoming year could see an uptick in hybrid security incidents as organizations struggle with visibility across deployments.

Logs Alone Aren't Enough

Logs are an important part of cybersecurity, but they're only one component of a comprehensive approach to data. A growing number of organizations recognize the limitations of logging, and they are taking steps to fill in gaps with additional data sets that provide expanded visibility and a richer depth of information.

In 2021, expect to see leading organizations continue to increase their use of network and endpoint data to deliver on the promise of the SOC visibility triad.

Next Step? Download the Report.

More than 60% of survey takers said they plan to add new tools in 2021. Read our new report to explore the current state of cybersecurity tooling, dive deeper into data sources, and discover the major challenges facing security and IT pros.

Download the report today to see the results for yourself.

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