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Ask the Expert Series: How to Get Intra-VM Visibility

Unlocking East-West Traffic Visibility

Ryan Davis

June 18, 2020

Virtual machines (VM) and containers make it easier to get consistent runtimes, but east-west visibility gaps make monitoring and analyzing traffic between instances more difficult.

In this edition of the "Ask the Expert" video series, ExtraHop Senior Sales Engineer Josh Snow and Ixia Senior Systems Engineer Hans Hohenner will show you how to use Ixia CloudLens to capture east-west traffic on multiple hypervisors and cloud-based or on-premises container workloads.

With Ixia CloudLens, you can eliminate network traffic visibility gaps inside VM and containerized environments while enabling ExtraHop Reveal(x) to monitor and analyze that traffic for potential threats. The integration also allows you to quickly troubleshoot performance issues in VM environments through the Reveal(x) user interface.

The video also shows how drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to establish relationships between the source groups you want to monitor and Reveal(x).

Integrating ExtraHop and Ixia provides complete visibility and definitive insight across your entire hybrid enterprise by combining the richest source of on-premises and cloud inputs—data from network traffic. This powerful integration helps SecOps automatically detect and investigate threats and enable IT Ops to get to the root cause of performance problems instantly.

With a unified view of everything happening on the network from a single user interface in Reveal(x) Enterprise or Reveal(x) 360, our cloud-native network detection and response (NDR) solutions help break down organizational silos and reduce tool sprawl.

Learn more about how ExtraHop and Ixia are helping customers collaborate across security and IT teams in this blog from Ixia's VP of Security Solutions, Scott Register.

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