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Free Learning Path: The Keys to Cryptography

Kurt Shubert

January 7, 2021

Cryptography, or the practice of securing data between a source and a destination, is arguably network security's most basic form of defense, but in order to be effective, the methodology behind it must be both sophisticated and efficient. Encryption that is too complex can lead to slow, cumbersome connections, but encryption that lacks complexity or has been compromised can leave your network vulnerable.

Even if network security isn't necessarily your area of expertise, knowing the basics of digital cryptography can help you spot and remediate weaknesses such as deprecated ciphers or insecure SSL/TLS connections.

To demystify network encryption and help you know exactly what to look for to maintain better overall security hygiene, we've made our cryptography training path free and open to everyone. By taking our cryptography courses, you'll understand the basics of encryption, decryption, secure connections, and how to interpret key security data.

We've broken up the training path into seven short courses. Each course includes a video module with easy-to-follow narration and graphics, and a resources module to help you dive deeper into each topic. Within each course, we've also included instructions on how to discover cryptographic weaknesses in your network using Reveal(x), which you can try out yourself using our online demo.

To take the course, head to our Customer Community and click Sign Up—you don't have to be a customer to register. Once you're in the portal, click on Free Cryptography Training to start the learning path.

Sign up for the free course!

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