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AWS re:Invent Session on Traffic Mirroring for Threat Detection

How Wizards of the Coast uses ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud to boost security in AWS

Ryan Davis

January 8, 2020

Dan McDaniel had a beast of a security problem on his hands. As Chief Architect and ISO for Wizards of the Coast, he was trying to monitor and secure VPC instances that were in constant flux.

With the nature of online gaming, the lifecycle of a server can be as little as two hours. For Dan, that meant installing an agent to monitor each instance and then, a few hours later, repeating the whole process—including getting a license for a new agent. And further headache-inducing was the fact that the agent licenses were usually priced per year.

There had to be a better way.

In this AWS re:Invent session, hear Jim Carroll, Category Leader for AWS Marketplace, give an overview of traffic monitoring in AWS and how it can solve problems like Dan's—no agent required.

AWS now has the built-in capacity to mirror traffic across VPC instances and route it to any third party tool. With cloud-native solutions like ExtraHop Reveal(x) ingesting packets straight from the source, there are more possibilities than ever before for businesses looking to protect and scale hybrid environments.

Watch the session to learn more about how traffic mirroring works and how it provided Wizards of the Coast with an elegant solution: network detection and response with ExtraHop Reveal(x).

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