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Announcing ExtraHop Reveal(x) for Midsize Enterprises

Low Friction, High Value Threat Detection & Response Subscription Packages

Chase Snyder

February 11, 2020

Midsize enterprises still face full-sized threats, on top of navigating the same operational challenges as their larger counterparts: security staff shortages, cloud migration, ransomware proliferation, IoT adoption, and more. With limited resources to detect, investigate, and respond to the same risks as larger enterprises, how do you protect your growing business?

ExtraHop Reveal(x) is already giving large enterprises the perspective they need to understand and secure their hybrid attack surfaces with industry-leading network detection and response. Now we've developed a suite of new subscription offerings and services designed to meet the needs of your emerging or midsize organization.

What makes Reveal(x) the perfect fit?

Frictionless Visibility, Detection, and Response In One Product

Reveal(x) gives security and IT operations teams a comprehensive view across their entire environment (including into SSL/TLS encrypted traffic), detects threats in real time, and speeds up resolution by up to 60 percent. Reveal(x) allows you to:

  • Gain complete visibility across your hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud environment in a single product
  • Detect and classify every asset and device on your network, including known and rogue IoT devices
  • Use advanced, cloud-scale machine learning to detect threats like ransomware and behavioral anomalies in real time, up to 95 percent faster than log or agent-based solutions
  • Automate response using robust and easy-to-use integrations

Reveal(x) Advisor: Targeted Investigation Guidance from Security Experts

For lean, cross-functional teams, time-to-value is critical. Our Reveal(x) Advisor service gives emerging or midsize enterprises the resources they need to implement a threat detection and response solution that works for their organization right out of the box.

Available with any Reveal(x) subscription, Reveal(x) Advisor provides on-demand, targeted education and investigation guidance from a professional security analyst to help you act quickly on whatever Reveal(x) uncovers in your environment.

The Spotlight service also adds another layer of intelligence by leveraging visibility into the most common threats across customer environments to speed detection and scale response for multiple organizations. When combined with the cloud-scale machine learning of Reveal(x), this collective insight across customer environments helps customers save time and resources by surfacing only the most pressing threats.

With assistance from our in-house experts, Tier 1 security analysts can quickly learn how to interpret detections, determine next steps, and take action like seasoned threat hunters. Learn more in the Reveal(x) Advisor datasheet.

Flexible Subscription Plans for 1, 5, or 10Gbps

With subscription plans for 1, 5, or 10Gbps, ExtraHop Reveal(x) enables midsize enterprises to quickly get full value without the deployment friction, maintenance, and hefty price tag of an enterprise network detection and response solution.

Instead of relying on limited, single-use tools for threat detection and response as well as application and network visibility, your team can take advantage of a single product and interface that anyone on the team can use with ease. Competitive pricing and added value from our included Reveal(x) Advisor service puts your lean team at the cutting edge of enterprise security.

Try Reveal(x) for yourself in the full product demo today, or learn more about Reveal(x) subscription packages for midsize enterprises.

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