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Tech and Talent - Challenges Operationalizing Effective Security Teams

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Tech and Talent - Challenges Operationalizing Effective Security Teams

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Binary Defense - David Kennedy, Co-Founder and Chief Hacking Officer
ExtraHop - Rafal Los, Head of Services GTM

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The days when CISOs would build out large Security Operations teams with giant screens mounted on large walls of a busy SOC seem to be waning.

Two opposing forces are wreaking havoc on CISOs budgets - security talent is difficult to hire and retain, and security technology is becoming more specialized and extensively integrated.

In many cases the confluence of these two forces are forcing many CISOs to confront the chicken and egg problem - buy technology, or staff the team? Old monolithic outsourcing models have failed to deliver value, so where can CISOs turn? Modern problems require modern solutions and we are here to help be your trusted advisors to uncomplicate the process.

In this webinar our speakers will discuss modern challenges, to include:

  • Balancing a security budget while adapting to, and defending from, modern threats
  • Understanding essential security technologies
  • Operationalizing security technologies effectively
  • Positioning limited resources to avoid costly and destructive breaches