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Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Are you ready?

Resolve threats 87% faster - learn how to prevent ransomware attacks before they happen in this eBook.

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Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Are you ready?

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Stop costly ransomware attacks with full network visibility

Ransomware is a business problem with the potential to wreak devastating consequences on an organization. Our latest research and conversations with customers and cybersecurity professionals confirm that ransomware remains a constant source of anxiety.

The potential effects of a ransomware attack on your revenue, reputation, productivity, and market value are daunting. But what if you could stop a ransomware attack before the true costs of a breach come to bear? There are key moments, if you can recognize them, that make these outcomes preventable. Moments where, with the right tools, you can prevent the chaos before it starts. This eBook walks through the latest ways to protect your organization from ransomware – through visibility, insight, and control of post-compromise activity in your networks.

Why NDR is needed for better Ransomware detection

While firewall and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are vital to a holistic cybersecurity strategy, organizations can no longer rely only on prevention-focused defense. Ransomware attackers are evolving their tactics, finding new ways to evade and manipulate these traditional perimeter security and IT tools. Once on the network, attackers are free to enumerate targets, move laterally, and establish command-and-control connections.

Network detection and response (NDR) solutions passively monitor network traffic to provide complete visibility into all activity on your network—identifying ransomware threats that other tools can’t. NDR tracks and records ransom-driven attackers as they breach the network and attempt to maneuver through your infrastructure, giving cybersecurity professionals the ability to detect, investigate, and stop an attacker before systems are compromised and encryption begins.

Download now to get practical information and advice to help you:

  • Explore the current state of ransomware
  • Weigh the strengths and weaknesses of EDR
  • Discover the value of NDR and how it prevents a threat from becoming an attack
  • See how organizations are achieving business outcomes with NDR
  • Get a brief introduction to the ExtraHop RevealX NDR platform

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