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HuMONGOus (MongoDB)

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What is HuMONGOus (MongoDB)?

MongoDB is a free, open-source cross platform document-oriented program first developed in 2007 by MongoDB Inc. It was originally developed as part of a planned platform as a service product, before the company shifted to an open source development model.

How does MongoDB work?

MongoDB is classified as a NoSQL database program, utilizing JSON-like documents with schemas, which makes integrating with some other platforms easier, such as YouTube./n/n MongoDB can be used as a file system over multiple machines. It supports field, range queries, regular expression searches, and queries can return specific fields of documents, and include user-defined JavaScript functions. Among RDBMS', it offers rapid and agile development opportunities with flexible schema. It is faster and more scalable than other NoSQL databases./n/n The default security settings of MongoDB allow anyone full access, which has resulted in mass data breaches and servers being held for ransom.