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Health Level 7 (HL7)

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What Is Health Level 7 (HL7)?

HL7 is a set of international standards used by healthcare providers transferring clinical and administrative data between software applications. They focus on the application layer of the OSI model (layer or level 7), and provide data standards and methodologies so that all kinds of healthcare systems can consistently communicate clinical information.

What Are the Primary HL7 Standards?

The most commonly used HL7 standards include:

  • Version 2.x Messaging Standard

  • Version 3 Messaging Standard

  • Clinical Document Architecture

  • Continuity of Care Document

  • Structured Product Labeling

  • Clinical Context Object Workgroup

These six standards are frequently implemented so that healthcare organizations can make sure their systems are interoperable and their documentation and clinical transactions are consistent with other hospitals. The goal of all HL7 standards is to prevent medical care from varying wildly by location and system.