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What's New in 8.9 and Reveal(x)

While release notes provide a comprehensive view of our 8.9 release updates, here is a preview of our most exciting new features.

Detection Tuning

Expanded tuning rules now enable you to hide detections by lists of IP addresses, CIDR blocks, device groups, or specific detection properties. If a detection has multiple victims or offenders, you now hide individual participants without hiding the entire detection.

Hiding individual victims and offenders using expanded detection tuning.

Hardening Detections

Hardening is a new category for detections that highlights violations of security best practices that should be enforced and identifies opportunities to improve the security posture of your network. The new Detections by Operations Category chart on the Security Overview page provides a count of hardening detections in your environment.

Count of hardening detections in an environment.

CrowdStrike Integration

The CrowdStrike integration offers a new option that enables users to initiate containment of CrowdStrike devices that are participants in a security detection. Containment prevents devices from establishing connections to other assets on your network until you can investigate potential threats.

New CrowdStrike integrations in Reveal(x), including device containment.

For Administrators

The Reveal(x) Ultra sensor for Google Cloud Platform is now available.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Live Activity Map

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