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Professional Services Customer Success Stories: Streamlining an IT Merger

Merging two major financial institutions means the integration of their disparate systems, including their online banking applications. That's no easy challenge for IT.

In the process of migrating middleware that supported their online banking applications, response times suddenly slowed, immediately impacting customer experience. In this case, the cause of their problem wasn't immediately apparent on their ExtraHop dashboard.

They engaged their ExtraHop Solution Architect (SA) who, as part of the ExtraHop Professional Services residency program, was an essential member of their IT team. In the SA's investigation, he found that their middleware migration software was using an obscure protocol that the ExtraHop platform didn't natively parse. High-level visibility is good, but being able to see into the traffic is better. That requires protocol literacy.

The SA decided to build a custom parser that could break down this particular protocol traffic into smaller components for root cause analysis. Leveraging his knowledge of JavaScript and Python languages, the SA completed the parser in a day.

He was then able to identify a configuration issue in the back end CIS servers which impacted the middleware and the online banking application. The particular configuration was disabled, and the performance issue was resolved. For good measure, the SA built a custom trigger that would detect any similar incidents in the future.

Expertise and Experience Invaluable to Speed Outcomes

Without the SA's expertise, the issue would have required a labor-intensive, manual process to discover the root cause. Given the merger's timeline, that wasn't feasible.

The ExtraHop Professional Services Team was able to deliver a reliably positive outcome based on expertise and experience with the ExtraHop platform. Their savvy made it possible to envision extended capabilities—and quickly.

ExtraHop solutions' extensibility allowed them to cover a range of company-specific use cases to make security teams' lives easier, but taking full advantage of those capabilities can require expertise. That's where the Professional Services Team comes in.

As more and more organizations adopt SaaS and cloud systems, they will face more complexities—par for the course for any cloud or hybrid ecosystem. Having access to expert services can help them navigate and thrive through that complexity.

Want to learn more? Reach out to our ExtraHop Professional Services Team.

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