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New Cloud & Hybrid Security Research

Find Answers in Our Latest Infographic

What's the state of cloud and hybrid security trends, tooling, and challenges? What about the security concerns impacting current and future cloud migration projects? No matter where you are in your journey to the cloud, you'll find answers to the most important questions security and IT professionals are asking themselves in our latest information-packed infographic.

Where Are the Gaps in Your Cloud and Hybrid Security Toolset? is the culmination of months of research from respected, independent analysts and experts in the field. With links to reports from SANS, Dark Reading, and Forrester, as well as ExtraHop, you can access a wealth of information focused on securing critical workloads and data while keeping digital transformation projects on track. Topics include:

  • Incident response in the cloud
  • The state of cybersecurity and IT Ops
  • Extending DevSecOps security controls in the cloud

To give you the information you need to optimize your security tool spending, we've also included a SANS report on the state of cloud and hybrid security tooling, as well as a Forrester study detailing the total economic impact of adding cloud-native network detection and response (NDR) from ExtraHop to your toolset.

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