Seattle Children’s Hospital and Real-Time Healthcare Systems

The ExtraHop platform automatically adapts to changes in the application environment and builds continually updated performance baselines so that IT teams have the information they need to configure settings, tune performance, plan capacity, and right-size their IT infrastructure. This webinar with ExtraHop customer Seattle Children’s Hospital explains how real-time visibility helps healthcare IT teams increase the efficiency and performance of complex, dynamic application environments.

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How to Get the Visibility You Need in AWS

Managing applications in the cloud requires the ability to automatically track baseline performance, identify the best workloads to migrate, and make decisions about sizing and where to run cloud workloads. This webinar from 451 Research explains how wire data analytics can provide the visibility needed in AWS.

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Driving Business Value with Continuous Operational Intelligence

In the webinar, EMA Research VP Jim Frey explores the concept of continuous operational intelligence, and explains how it can dramatically transform the way that you run IT and the value you can provide to the business. You will also learn about the ExtraHop capabilities that make it possible to capture real-time IT and business insights.

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HL7 Analytics for Clinical and IT Insights

Every HL7 message passing over the network contains valuable information for IT operations, HL7 analysts, clinical informaticists, and executives. Featuring Wes Wright, CIO at Seattle Children’s Hospital, this webinar explains how healthcare organizations can take advantage of their Big Data opportunity with HL7 analytics.

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10 Ways Wire Data Can Help You Conquer IT Complexity

This webinar showcases how T2 Systems uses wire data to manage SaaS applications for more than 230 enterprise customers. Watch this webinar to learn the definition of wire data and full-stream reassembly, how wire data can deliver application-level metrics without agents, and the ways in which wire data supports devops collaboration.

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Splunk + ExtraHop for Complete, Real-Time Visibility

This joint webinar provides an overview of what is possible with the combination of ExtraHop and Splunk, including several scenarios showing how ExtraHop can provide real-time metrics that are otherwise difficult to obtain through logging. Examples include payment processing, HTTP payload analysis, cross-tier correlation, and database and storage internals.

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How to Sleep at Night During Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Application Migrations

ExtraHop Senior Solutions Architect Eric Thomas explains how the ExtraHop platform helps to ensure successful physical-to-virtual (P2V) migrations. During P2V migrations, the ExtraHop platform provides critical capabilities, including performance baselines, real-time visibility, and deterministic application response times in virtualized and hybrid environments.

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Citrix and Application Performance Monitoring in Healthcare

By providing end-to-end visibility into your production environment, ExtraHop ensures fast and reliable performance for Citrix, EHR, PACS, and clinical order-entry systems that directly affect patient care and employee productivity.

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EMA Webinar: Agile Dev + Static Ops = Oil + Water, How Agile APM Provides a Formula for Success

Companies that have invested heavily in agile development are finding that agile practices benefit IT operations as well. Agile operations can free up resources for new projects and significantly reduce the 80% of IT budget currently being spent on maintaining the status quo.

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Ten Best Practices for Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Deployments

Modern Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) are critical control points in the application environment. However, with these advanced capabilities comes greater complexity and management challenges. This webinar examines the complexities around deploying ADCs and focuses on some best practices for deploying ADCs such as the BIG-IP product family from F5 Networks.

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