Open Data Stream from ExtraHop

Set Your Data Free!

With Open Data Stream for MongoDB and Open Data Stream for Elasticsearch, ExtraHop is breaking down the “data silos” traditionally associated with IT operations management vendors, and is ushering in a new era of data freedom for its customers.

First-to-Market Innovation

ExtraHop’s first-to-market open IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) architecture gives IT organizations the flexibility and freedom to stream the valuable data set from ExtraHop into MongoDB and Elasticsearch, two of the industry’s most popular, highly-scalable, and non-proprietary data stores. Doing so enables IT organizations to use either of these powerful querying tools, along with the visualization solution of their choice, to more deeply explore ExtraHop data alone, or explore ExtraHop data in combination with other high-value data sets. The benefits include:

  • Richer and deeper insights by comparing and contrasting data from multiple sources
  • Greater control over where critical ITOA data is stored and how it is queried, manipulated, and collected
  • Increased flexibility of available business intelligence and analytics tools

Learn more about ExtraHop’s Open ITOA approach. Download the white paper.

Open Data Stream Scenarios

There are two distinct and complementary scenarios where IT organizations can use ExtraHop Open Data Stream.

Multidimensional Analysis of ExtraHop Wire Data

Open Data Stream enables IT organizations to stream structured wire data from ExtraHop to non-proprietary data stores for post-hoc multidimensional analysis.

Stream wire data to a non-proprietary data story for more flexible analysis.

Stream wire data to a non-proprietary data story for more flexible analysis.

With real-time wire data stream processing from ExtraHop, IT organizations can transform raw bytes off the wire into structured data that can be measured, visualized, alerted upon, and trended. While the ExtraHop interface provides valuable, immediate insights using this data, IT teams may want even greater flexibility in how they explore and mine the data. By streaming their wire data from ExtraHop to a non-proprietary Big Data store using Open Data Stream, IT organizations can gain deeper insights from the data they already own.

  • Send your wire data to a non-proprietary data store for richer analysis
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and a “data tax” on how you use your data
  • Choose the best-fit visualization or business intelligence tool, such as Tableau, Chartio, Domo, Pentaho, or JSON Studio

Combine ExtraHop Wire Data with Other Data Sets

Open Data Stream facilitates efforts to combine wire data from ExtraHop with machine data, agent data, synthetic data, or any other data source for even greater business and IT insights.

Combine wire data with other valuable data sets for deeper IT and business insights.

Combine wire data with other valuable data sets for deeper IT and business insights.

Forward-thinking IT organizations are building Open IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions based on non-proprietary Big Data stores that combine data sets from various IT monitoring tools. This open approach enables these organizations to derive new and unanticipated insights for both IT teams and business stakeholders.

  • Correlate events across wire data, machine data, agent data, and synthetic data
  • Break down siloes between IT monitoring tools
  • Enable greater cross-team collaboration
  • Empower IT teams and business stakeholders to answer questions

To learn more, download the white paper: Building an Open ITOA Architecture.