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Cloud Migration

The cloud offers incredible scale and elasticity, but migrating critical applications and infrastructure comes with risk and complexity. Our experts deliver the complete insight you need for successful migration.

Our cloud migration experts have developed a proven methodology, leveraging accurate and unbiased insight from the ExtraHop platform across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure, to deliver a seamless cloud migration that mitigates risks, reduces complexity, and ensures continuous performance and availability.

Pre-migration, our experts map your entire infrastructure, putting ExtraHop to work to discover all assets, map dependencies, separate clients and servers, and categorize shared services like DNS and Active Directory. Based on this comprehensive, up-to-the-minute understanding of your environment, we build a complete migration plan including move groups and migration order.

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The ExtraHop professional services team has helped us understand a lot more of the incoming data, and how to present the ExtraHop application to our internal groups. So far, everyone has been extremely impressed with the tool. We have plans to continue expansion.

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Global Financial Technology Services Organization