Data Center Migration & Consolidation

Control every stage of your move

No Such Thing as Smooth Sailing
(Or Is There?)

Whether you're consolidating data centers or moving to a new platform, your migration needs to be smooth and on schedule. Without a complete view of your application dependencies and performance in real time, migrating to a new environment without performance hiccups or more serious dips is nearly impossible.

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The ExtraHop platform takes the guesswork out of application and data center migration with a one-two punch of comprehensive visibility (including into cloud-hosted and virtual assets) and performance metrics that proactively identify specific risks and support projects at any scale. By "knowing before going," you can avoid unnecessary downtime and be sure that you're providing a consistent user experience.

Watch the webinar to learn how you can use ExtraHop to make data center migrations easier.

Datacenter Migration Webinar

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Collect more information for less effort with agentless auto-discovery and classification of every system, including insight into functions, performance baselines, and dependencies.

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Plan workload migrations using real transactional evidence and work with stakeholders to organize the move according to the usage characteristics of all systems and applications.

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Monitor the new environment with agentless monitoring of new systems as they come online and observation of transaction behavior in real time to assess when systems are ready to move.

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Control your migration using a live map of all application activity and dependencies: Spot performance issues easily and troubleshoot quickly thanks to correlated visibility across tiers.

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Compare baseline performance before and after the migration, analyzing response time across the entire application delivery chain, for peace of mind and accurate ROI analysis.

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"When managing a complex, multi-tier application, you could spend a lifetime tweaking and never get to the root cause of the problem. ExtraHop tells us not only where the problem is occurring, but why it's occurring."

Bobby Addison
CTO, digiChart

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Map Application Dependencies

Real-time IT analytics allows you to map the entire IT infrastructure across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments for a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute understanding of your complete environment.