Active Directory Monitoring

Cut Through the Noise in Your Active Directory

Can You Stop the Intruders in Your AD Forest?

Once an attacker breaches your perimeter defenses, the race begins. Will they find your crown jewels? Or will you detect and block them first? Your Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is a popular first stop for intruder reconnaissance, but it's also one of the busiest—and noisiest—systems in your enterprise. How can you possibly identify tell-tale threat signals in all that noise?

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See the Forest and the Trees

If you understand everything happening across your whole AD environment, you'll spot suspicious or unusual behavior as soon as it occurs. ExtraHop Reveal(x) security analytics keeps you ahead of attackers with a comprehensive view of your AD forest and advanced AI to strip away the noise and automatically surface anomalies in real time so you can identify and block intruders early in the kill chain.

What I like about this is that our security guys have, at most, two windows they need to look at. One tells them what's going on, the other tells them what has gone down and how to fix it.

Mike Sheward
Principal Security Architect,

Anomaly Detection

From rogue PowerShell scans to unauthorized privilege escalation to excessive failed login attempts, comprehensive visibility and machine-driven anomaly detection help you spot intrusive behaviours the moment they occur.

Rapid Response

Trigger real-time alerts on bad password attempts, account lockouts, administrator logins, and any other metric you care about. ExtraHop extracts granular details from the payload for forensics and easily integrates with SIEM and incident response tools.

Real-Time Insight

Arm yourself with Live Activity Maps that display AD traffic flows across the enterprise. Customizeable dashboards enable you to quickly identify credentials in clear text, expired passwords, account change propogation across the environment, and much more.

Boost Your Security Posture with AD Visibility

  • Identify Intruders Early
    Detect intrusive behaviors early and drill down to details in just a few clicks so your team can shut down attackers before they reach their target.
  • Avoid Secondary Attacks
    Proactively detecting and stopping reconnaissance means a second attack is unlikely, giving you value and peace of mind long after the first attack.
  • Harden Your Defenses
    Recreate the exact steps intruders took to advance an attack once inside your environment and use that knowledge to proactively strengthen your defenses.
  • Rapid Time to Value
    A true out-of-the-box experience means you can start monitoring your entire AD forest in a matter of minutes.
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