Use Cases by Initiative

We're here to help you succeed (and have the data to prove it).

IT-driven business initiatives succeed or fail based on your ability to understand what's happening in your network. ExtraHop gives you the network visibility to analyze all application communication in real-time. Check out these examples showing how ExtraHop helped organizations succeed with their IT and IT-driven business initiatives.

Application Performance

It's all about the apps! Leverage a resource you already have for complete visibility.

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Big Data and Analytics

Big data giving you big headaches? Wire data is the cure.

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Data Correlation

Got 99 silos but haven't correlated one? Wire data can bring it all together.

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Stop DevOops within DevOps. Automate with confidence by making your DevOps smarter.

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Internet of Things

Gain intelligence from any connected device with wire data.

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Security and Compliance

Managing risk: even the most secure bank vault must be guarded.

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Take control of your software-defined world with wire data.

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See ExtraHop in Action

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